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We’ve been fascinated by unicorns for a very long time

November 1, 2017

If I had a dime for every opinion article I’d come across this past year claiming that we’ve reached ‘peak unicorn’ and that the unicorn trend will only decline from here, I’d have a lot of dimes. The truth is that humans have been fascinated by this creature called the unicorn since prehistoric times. 10,000 […]

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This Week on Etsy: Crafty Edition

October 28, 2017

Unicorn Stuffed Animal Kit from DelilahIris A perfect project for dipping your toe into hand stitching and working with felt, this adorable unicorn stuffed animal kit from DelilahIris comes in three different colors. The kit includes everything you’ll need to create your stuffed unicorn, including felt, yarn, stuffing, eyes, thread, sewing pattern, and chenille wire. […]

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This Week on Etsy: Party Edition

October 21, 2017

Unicorn Macaron Piñata from withglitternconfetti So much easier than making unicorn macarons, and so much more fun! You’ll need to fill the piñata with your own assortment of goodies, but the listing does include about 2 cups of magical unicorn confetti! This unicorn macaron piñata is made entirely by hand by withglitternconfetti, including the handmade […]

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Most Favorited Items

Twinkle Toes the Unicorn

Twinkle Toes is deceptively easy to make and guaranteed to bring a little magic to anyone’s home.

Seen on: Apr 29 2017

Unicorn S’mores at Fluff It Marshmallows

Seen on: Apr 29 2017

Boozy Unicorn Milkshake

Unicorn Farts Soap

Handmade soap in rainbow colors that’s scented like fruit and vanilla with just a bit of glitter.

Unicorn Cake in a Jar

Layers of colors, sprinkles, frosting, cake – all served up in a jar.

Seen on: May 26 2017

Unicorn Quesadillas from El Premio Mayor taco truck

Seen on: May 26 2017

Seen on: Jun 23 2017

Rainbow Unicorn Afternoon Tea at The Assembly House

Seen on: Jun 23 2017

Seen on: May 1 2017

Honeysuckle in San Antonia serves over-the-top unicorn milkshakes

Seen on: May 1 2017

Seen on: May 25 2017

Unicorn Milkshake at Relish & More

Seen on: May 25 2017

Seen on: Feb 2 2018

Vancouver pastry shop Soirette introducing Tipsy Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Seen on: Feb 2 2018

Seen on: Sep 8 2017

Unicorn Blood Mozzarella Sticks at Tony Baloney’s

Seen on: Sep 8 2017

Knit Your Own Unicorn Trophy

Trying to hunt down a real unicorn is a long and thankless task. It’s time you accepted defeat (seriously, it’s getting weird now) and knitted your own Unicorn Trophy.

This majestic creature was dreamt up by Sincerely Louise, a Brixton-based creative who designs her own faux-taxidermy animal patterns and holds regular knitting workshops in her studio.

Aimed at beginner to intermediate knitters, the hand-assembled kit uses chunky acrylic yarn to bring this beautiful steed to life – well, sort of, it’s fictional AND it’s just the head after all.

With such thick wool and easy-to-follow patterns you get to see results super fast – the kit even includes a handy wooden back board so you can mount this fabulous beast on the wall when you’re finished.

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Unicorn Bark Milkshakes

Blend up your favorite milkshake and serve them up in fancy milkshake glasses decorated with frosting, sprinkles, candy, and unicorn bark.

Rainbow smoothies

Scroll down the page to find this recipe under the mermaid toast. 🙂 The brightly colored smoothies are made with all-natural fruit and are a healthy alternative to a lot of the artificial colorings and sugar found in many unicorn recipes.

Seen on: Jun 3 2017

Dubai gets a unicorn-themed ice cream shop: Unicorn Vibes

Seen on: Jun 3 2017

Seen on: Oct 27 2017

Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok

Seen on: Oct 27 2017

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