Pampering and a Night Out on the Town – Unicorn Style!

Start your evening off with this Unicorn Spa Jar:  This one’s for girls who love all things colorful and sparkly.  Give those tired feet a soak and sugar scrub, and relax in a colorful bath bomb!…

Unicorn Latch-Hook Kit

Cute, magical, and fun to make!

How to make Unicorn Hot Chocolate

What would a hot chocolate be like if a unicorn made it?

Throw a Unicorn Cookie Party!

Looking for something to do this Friday night?  Invite the girls over and make these adorable and yummy unicorn cookies!  Almost too cute to eat! To help with your cookie-making, grab a cute unicorn cookie cutter,…

Unicorn Cheesecake

The most magical cheesecake on the internet.

Unicorn Head Wall Mount

Make a life-size unicorn head to hang on the wall like a trophy mount.

Unicorn Cheesecake

Cute, colorful, and so yummy!

Unicorn Hair Tutorial

For when you want to be a unicorn IRL.

Unicorn Cookies (Vegan)

The best part is the decoration – what color will your unicorn be?

Unicorn Farts Bag

Snag this pattern to make your very own unicorn farts bag!

Rainbow Unicorn Cupcakes

Cupcakes and Unicorns all in one!  Does it get any better?

Unicorn Oreo Pops

Learn to make these magically adorable unicorn pops!