Throw a Unicorn Cookie Party!

Looking for something to do this Friday night?  Invite the girls over and make these adorable and yummy unicorn cookies!  Almost too cute to eat!

To help with your cookie-making, grab a cute unicorn cookie cutter, like this one.  Get ready to spark your creativity when decorating these yummy cookies, which you can turn into a group activity!


Don’t forget the party invitations and add some magic and glitter to your party with these fabulous unicorn party hats!

These Unicorn Poop Meringues are about to become your latest obsession!  They’re fun, colorful, and easy to make.  Who knew unicorn poop could be this much fun!


These Vegan Unicorn Cookies are sure to be a delight!  These cookies and the icing are so easy to make!  What color will your unicorn cookies be?

Change it up a bit and make these Unicorn Bars!  These buttery and sprinkle-filled cookies are pure joy.  We all need a little more magic in our lives, right?


Clouds and rainbows and unicorns, oh my!  That’s what these Rainbow Unicorn Cookies are all about!


And last but not least, these super colorful and candy filled Unicorn Horn Cookies are sure to be a hit!  Who doesn’t want a cookie with a hidden surprise inside?










And what cookie is complete without unicorn sprinkles?


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