Dine Like a Unicorn in These Magical Places!

Take a magical trip around the globe and dine on these cute, creative, and colorful treats!

People are going mad for this Dublin café’s rainbow ‘unicorn’ donuts.  These rainbow-layered donuts are topped with pop rocks, a unicorn horn, and pillow-y marshmallow fluff (kind of reminds you of rainbows and clouds, doesn’t it?)


Cake lovers in Nottingham are going crazy for the latest trend – pretty, glittery unicorn cakes.  Perfect for posting to social media!  Then, of course, after much admiration, time to nosh!

Take a trip to Dublin for this monstrous Unicorn Easter egg!  Stuffed with marshmallows, candy, and ice cream, maybe don’t try to eat this all in one sitting!  Also served with a bowl of melted chocolate on the side (because there’s never enough chocolate, right?)


Manchester has some of the best Unicorn cakes!  Get read to plan your getaway!  Whether 3D is your thing or you like more a traditional cake shape, you’re sure to find some truly amazing unicorn cakes in Manchester!


Check out these Unicorn-themed sweets in the O.C.  This pink and fluffy unicorn hot chocolate is topped with marshmallows and sprinkles.  This yummy drink is sure to satisfy your unicorn craving!


Last stop on the trip?  Liverpool!  They’re also getting in on the Unicorn-themed food craze!  They have everything from unicorn cheesecake to macaroons.  So magical, colorful, and cute!





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