Cute and Trendy Unicorn Makeup Looks

Bold, bright, sparkly, and magical!  Check out some of these look you can try today!

Use your creativity and artistic skills and give these unicorns-inspired makeup looks your own magical touch.  Go bold, go beautiful, go magical, go crazy!  Oh and of course don’t forget the glitter!  Check out these amazing looks here.


This look is both whimsical and elegant.  If you don’t have much of a steady hand, you can opt for temporary tattoos instead of drawing the shapes.  The stars on the cheeks, the changing colors, the bright color on the lips…if you’ve ever wanted to become a unicorn, now you know how.



I guess you could call this one unicorn horn eyeliner.  Go crazy and pick your own colors!  Don’t forget to match your brows to the look!       


Those eyes are amazing!!!  The cute flower tiara and flower ring are nice accessories to this look.  Instead of the matte lip, you could also do a soft or shimmery pink.






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