The 5 Cutest Unicorn Socks

Keeps your toes cozy with these cute and fun socks!

So much magic in these socks!  So cute with rainbow unicorns and shooting stars!  These bright purple socks will transport you to a fantastical world every time you wear them!

Purple and blue star unicorn socks from Socksmith


Narwhals are jealous of all the attention that unicorns get, and it’s about time they get some credit.  Check out these fun socks and decide for yourself who will win!

Pink Unicorn vs. Narwhal socks from Sock It To Me


So we all know that unicorns poop rainbows.  We also know that you need to be wearing these super cute socks!

Rainbow stripe unicorn socks from Amazon


The next best thing to unicorns?  Rainbows!  These socks will transport you to a magical rainbow land!  These high-quality knitted socks will feel fantastic on any foot!

Rainbow top unicorn socks from Teeturtle


You are magical and mystical and your precious hooves deserve to feel the gentle caress of these magical unicorn socks!  These sparkly socks are embellished with a bold unicorn design.

Black sparkly unicorn socks from Firebox



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