Unicorn Cocktails

These Unicorn Cocktails are fruity, sparkly, bubbly, and just plain magical!  These are perfect for a party or just a night at home!  So channel your inner unicorn and learn how to make one of these super pretty drinks!


Unicorn Tears Cocktail

This sparkling and bubbly cocktail is delightfully refreshing!  Add the fruit of your choice for even more color!


Unicorn LocoNut Cocktail

This cotton candy colored cocktail is bursting with coconut flavor and is almost too pretty to drink!  Get your camera ready!  Oh and don’t forget the pretty coconut shavings on the rim!


Unicorn Cosmos

Pretty purple, sparkly sugar, and fluffy cotton candy clouds on top!  Put on that unicorn headband and sip your way to a unicorn fairyland!


Unicorn Mimosas

Sprinkle some magic into your life with this glittery unicorn mimosa!  Made with sherbet and champagne, and topped off with a rock candy unicorn horn!


Magical Unicorn Wine

Start with some pretty pink sparkling wine, add some sprinkles, candy, and lots of color, and poof!  A magical unicorn wine cocktail!

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