Funny Unicorn Gifts




Unicorn Exhale Mug

A comical gift for the unicorn lover in your life.  They can fill up this mug with their favorite hot beverage, and chuckle at this cute and funny unicorn!


Magical Glow in the Dark Unicorn Sharts Jar

No unicorns were injured in the making of this jar.  Not to be confused with unicorn farts in a jar, as unicorn sharts are incredibly difficult to capture!  Also makes for great conversation starter!


Roller Skating Unicorn Pocket Mirror

Makes a great gift for the roller skating enthusiast and unicorn lover in your life!  It’s the perfect size to carry around in your pocket or purse for a quick glance or occasional touch-up.


Unicorn Crossing Sign

Behold!  A Unicorn Approacheth!!  Beware:  May attract unicorns!  This brightly colored sign is great for a bedroom, dorm room, and anywhere around the house!


Be a Damn Unicorn Spoon

I mean, why not?  Just be a damn unicorn already!  Well, at least for now you can dream that you are one while you eat your favorite foods with this must have spoon.


Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy

Guaranteed to get a laugh, this is the perfect and comical gift for any occasion.  100% magical, majestic, and mystical, and tastes like fruit punch!


Unicorn Wine Holder

We all know a wine lover, right?  And who doesn’t want to add some flair and magic to their kitchen by displaying their wine bottles with this fun unicorn?


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