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All the unicorn things...

We scour the internets daily for the newest and most awesome unicorn-themed items. Our collection includes plushies, clothing, shoes, makeup, decor, electronics gear, books, and more! We carefully curate every item to make sure it's from a reputable seller and is of great quality. If you're looking for an awesome gift for a unicorn lover, look no further!

Make it from scratch...

As unicorn lovers ourselves, we know that our fellow unicorn lovers are a crafty bunch who get great joy out of crafting yummy treats, cuddly blankets, and cute decor from scratch. So we round up the very best unicorn-themed DIYs. Grab a crochet pattern for a amigurumi, a recipe for unicorn cheesecake, and then kick back with a unicorn cocktail.


We see unicorns...

We get so excited anytime there's a mention of a unicorn - whether it's a new beauty product, a yummy new snack, a food truck with a new rainbow creation, or a celebrity spotted wearing a unicorn costume or a unicorn sweater. We know you want to see unicorns too, so we gather up all the sightings from across the globe for you.

Learn more about unicorns...

Did you know that the ancient Greeks believed that unicorns actually existed and that they're therefore found in their books on science and zoology? We're a wealth of interesting and fun unicorn facts, and we share them all with you on our blog, where we also round up awesome artisans creating unicorn goodies, stories on the history of the unicorn and more!


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