Funny Unicorn Gifts




Unicorn Exhale Mug

A comical gift for the unicorn lover in your life.  They can fill up this mug with their favorite hot beverage, and chuckle at this cute and funny unicorn!


Magical Glow in the Dark Unicorn Sharts Jar

No unicorns were injured in the making of this jar.  Not to be confused with unicorn farts in a jar, as unicorn sharts are incredibly difficult to capture!  Also makes for great conversation starter!


Roller Skating Unicorn Pocket Mirror

Makes a great gift for the roller skating enthusiast and unicorn lover in your life!  It’s the perfect size to carry around in your pocket or purse for a quick glance or occasional touch-up.


Unicorn Crossing Sign

Behold!  A Unicorn Approacheth!!  Beware:  May attract unicorns!  This brightly colored sign is great for a bedroom, dorm room, and anywhere around the house!


Be a Damn Unicorn Spoon

I mean, why not?  Just be a damn unicorn already!  Well, at least for now you can dream that you are one while you eat your favorite foods with this must have spoon.


Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy

Guaranteed to get a laugh, this is the perfect and comical gift for any occasion.  100% magical, majestic, and mystical, and tastes like fruit punch!


Unicorn Wine Holder

We all know a wine lover, right?  And who doesn’t want to add some flair and magic to their kitchen by displaying their wine bottles with this fun unicorn?


Unicorn Cocktails

These Unicorn Cocktails are fruity, sparkly, bubbly, and just plain magical!  These are perfect for a party or just a night at home!  So channel your inner unicorn and learn how to make one of these super pretty drinks!


Unicorn Tears Cocktail

This sparkling and bubbly cocktail is delightfully refreshing!  Add the fruit of your choice for even more color!


Unicorn LocoNut Cocktail

This cotton candy colored cocktail is bursting with coconut flavor and is almost too pretty to drink!  Get your camera ready!  Oh and don’t forget the pretty coconut shavings on the rim!


Unicorn Cosmos

Pretty purple, sparkly sugar, and fluffy cotton candy clouds on top!  Put on that unicorn headband and sip your way to a unicorn fairyland!


Unicorn Mimosas

Sprinkle some magic into your life with this glittery unicorn mimosa!  Made with sherbet and champagne, and topped off with a rock candy unicorn horn!


Magical Unicorn Wine

Start with some pretty pink sparkling wine, add some sprinkles, candy, and lots of color, and poof!  A magical unicorn wine cocktail!

The 5 Cutest Unicorn Socks

Keeps your toes cozy with these cute and fun socks!

So much magic in these socks!  So cute with rainbow unicorns and shooting stars!  These bright purple socks will transport you to a fantastical world every time you wear them!

Purple and blue star unicorn socks from Socksmith


Narwhals are jealous of all the attention that unicorns get, and it’s about time they get some credit.  Check out these fun socks and decide for yourself who will win!

Pink Unicorn vs. Narwhal socks from Sock It To Me


So we all know that unicorns poop rainbows.  We also know that you need to be wearing these super cute socks!

Rainbow stripe unicorn socks from Amazon


The next best thing to unicorns?  Rainbows!  These socks will transport you to a magical rainbow land!  These high-quality knitted socks will feel fantastic on any foot!

Rainbow top unicorn socks from Teeturtle


You are magical and mystical and your precious hooves deserve to feel the gentle caress of these magical unicorn socks!  These sparkly socks are embellished with a bold unicorn design.

Black sparkly unicorn socks from Firebox



Cute and Trendy Unicorn Makeup Looks

Bold, bright, sparkly, and magical!  Check out some of these look you can try today!

Use your creativity and artistic skills and give these unicorns-inspired makeup looks your own magical touch.  Go bold, go beautiful, go magical, go crazy!  Oh and of course don’t forget the glitter!  Check out these amazing looks here.


This look is both whimsical and elegant.  If you don’t have much of a steady hand, you can opt for temporary tattoos instead of drawing the shapes.  The stars on the cheeks, the changing colors, the bright color on the lips…if you’ve ever wanted to become a unicorn, now you know how.



I guess you could call this one unicorn horn eyeliner.  Go crazy and pick your own colors!  Don’t forget to match your brows to the look!       


Those eyes are amazing!!!  The cute flower tiara and flower ring are nice accessories to this look.  Instead of the matte lip, you could also do a soft or shimmery pink.






Dine Like a Unicorn in These Magical Places!

Take a magical trip around the globe and dine on these cute, creative, and colorful treats!

People are going mad for this Dublin café’s rainbow ‘unicorn’ donuts.  These rainbow-layered donuts are topped with pop rocks, a unicorn horn, and pillow-y marshmallow fluff (kind of reminds you of rainbows and clouds, doesn’t it?)


Cake lovers in Nottingham are going crazy for the latest trend – pretty, glittery unicorn cakes.  Perfect for posting to social media!  Then, of course, after much admiration, time to nosh!

Take a trip to Dublin for this monstrous Unicorn Easter egg!  Stuffed with marshmallows, candy, and ice cream, maybe don’t try to eat this all in one sitting!  Also served with a bowl of melted chocolate on the side (because there’s never enough chocolate, right?)


Manchester has some of the best Unicorn cakes!  Get read to plan your getaway!  Whether 3D is your thing or you like more a traditional cake shape, you’re sure to find some truly amazing unicorn cakes in Manchester!


Check out these Unicorn-themed sweets in the O.C.  This pink and fluffy unicorn hot chocolate is topped with marshmallows and sprinkles.  This yummy drink is sure to satisfy your unicorn craving!


Last stop on the trip?  Liverpool!  They’re also getting in on the Unicorn-themed food craze!  They have everything from unicorn cheesecake to macaroons.  So magical, colorful, and cute!





Pampering and a Night Out on the Town – Unicorn Style!

Start your evening off with this Unicorn Spa Jar:  This one’s for girls who love all things colorful and sparkly.  Give those tired feet a soak and sugar scrub, and relax in a colorful bath bomb!  Makes a great gift, too!


Add even more color and fun with this Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar.  Time to slow down, unwind, and take a magical bath.  This bath bar dissolves into tons of bubbles!  Enjoy some relaxing scents like lavender and neroli essential oil, and get ready for a mood lift!


Don’t forget the primer!  People are going crazy over this Unicorn Tears Makeup Primer!  Packed with antioxidant-rich superfruit extracts, this primer will protect your skin from free radical damage, boost radiance, and brighten the skin.  Leaves the skin dewy with a subtle and glamorous shimmer.


The crazy gorgeous shades in this Urban Decay Moondust Palette will give you a perfectly magical unicorn eye!  You’ll fall in love with these amazing sparkly colors!  What colors will be in your first look? Oh, the possibilities!


Attn: Glow Getters!  These super pretty Rainbow Makeup Brushes are a must have for any Unicorn lover.  Each brush is comprised of several beautiful colors.  These are the perfect tool to create your very own unicorn makeup look!


Your look isn’t complete just yet!  Don’t forget the Unicorn Lipstick.  With colors like “Legend,”  “Magical,”  and “Throne,”  you’re sure to feel mystical and magical the second you swipe on some of this color.  Perhaps, two colors at once?  Oh, do you dare?  Go ahead, don’t be shy!


And of course you’ll need to moisturize those lips later with some Unicorn Poop Lip Balm.  This unicorn poop is blended with natural oils and beeswax to moisture, nourish, and protect.  Oh and don’t worry, unicorn poop actually tastes a bit like cotton candy.  😉


Throw a Unicorn Cookie Party!

Looking for something to do this Friday night?  Invite the girls over and make these adorable and yummy unicorn cookies!  Almost too cute to eat!

To help with your cookie-making, grab a cute unicorn cookie cutter, like this one.  Get ready to spark your creativity when decorating these yummy cookies, which you can turn into a group activity!


Don’t forget the party invitations and add some magic and glitter to your party with these fabulous unicorn party hats!

These Unicorn Poop Meringues are about to become your latest obsession!  They’re fun, colorful, and easy to make.  Who knew unicorn poop could be this much fun!


These Vegan Unicorn Cookies are sure to be a delight!  These cookies and the icing are so easy to make!  What color will your unicorn cookies be?

Change it up a bit and make these Unicorn Bars!  These buttery and sprinkle-filled cookies are pure joy.  We all need a little more magic in our lives, right?


Clouds and rainbows and unicorns, oh my!  That’s what these Rainbow Unicorn Cookies are all about!


And last but not least, these super colorful and candy filled Unicorn Horn Cookies are sure to be a hit!  Who doesn’t want a cookie with a hidden surprise inside?










And what cookie is complete without unicorn sprinkles?