Template to 3D print a standing unicorn figurine


3D print your own unicorn figurine thanks to this pattern from thread

Unicorn pegasus (alicorn) entry to the 3D Block Zoo series. 3D printing pattern.

Unicorn Pegasus 3D Block Zoo

Why not enter fantastical creatures into the 3D Block Zoo? Print up this unicorn pegasus thanks to plans from Pierrimus.

Unicorn Cookie Cutter

Turn out dozens of unicorn cookies after you 3D print your own unicorn cookie cutter by Knartz.

Cute Unicorn

Inspired by graffiti, 3D print this cute little unicorn by LoLo2207

Low Poly Unicorn

Print your own unicorn figurine with this pattern from Pumpo.


Print up your own little unicorn with this fabulous pattern by Wolfshadow.

Rearing unicorn

3d print your own rearing unicorn figurine with this pattern from jason_mc_AMID

Fluffy Unicorn

He’s so fluffy! Print him up with this pattern from Pipe951


We’ve been tracking 3d-printable unicorns for awhile now, and it’s been really fun to see them go from simple to more complex. The detail on this one is phenomenal!

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