Boozy Unicorn Milkshake

Lavender Unicorn

This sweet cocktail has a few exotic ingredients that makes it especially magical and delicious. Don’t worry – those special ingredients are easily purchased online.


This remix of a classic cocktail uses Unicorn Tears Gin from Firebox to create a cranberry and lime deliciousness.

Loco Unicorn Cocktail

An adult version of the Unicorn Frappuccino, this concoction includes coconut rum, coconut water, and some colorful additions.

Unicorn Margarita

This margarita is a magical, color-changing margarita that uses butterfly pea flower petals and blue ice cubs to achieve a stunning effect.

Unicorn Vodkaccino

Why not take an everyday unicorn frappé and turn it into a cocktail with some vodka and raspberry liqueur?

Spiked Unicorn Pops

Why not just go ahead and freeze your cocktail and enjoy it like a popsicle in the summer heat? These cocktail pops are a blend of grapefruit, hibiscus, coconut, fresh fruit and almond.

Unicorn Syrup

Combine prickly pear puree with pomegranate syrup to create this delicious cocktail ingredient that will give your cocktails a delicious taste and rosy hue.

Glitter Unicorn Mimosas

These sweet cocktails include edible glitter for shimmer and include sherbet, champagne, and vodka, garnished with rock candy for the horn.

Unicorn Cosmopolitans

This fun drink is made with grape juice and vodka, then garnished with cotton candy and a rainbow candy stick and served up in a glass garnished with edible glitter.

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