Unicorn Pumpkins

Bring magic and glitter to an otherwise kind of scary holiday by turning your Halloween pumpkin into a glittery pastel unicorn delight.

Halloween Unicorn Pumpkins

No scary faces, no carving. Just adorable white unicorns with pastel colored mains and horns.

Unicorn Challah

This challah is an explosion of pastel colors and sweet flavors. Get crazy with the sprinkles and the fillings and the decorations to unicorn it up as much as you like!

Witchy Unicorn Cake

This witchy unicorn cake is just the thing you need for your Halloween party! This orange and black striped cake is stuffed with sprinkles and covered in green icing, then decorated with black, purple, and orange decorations, including a unicorn horn!

Glitter Unicorn Ornaments

Why not let your unicorn love shine by decorating your holiday tree with these glittery, magical unicorn ornaments. They’re easy enough for kids to make, so get busy!

Unicorn ornaments for your tree

Whip up these unicorn cuties for your tree with just a few basic supplies and a couple hours’ time.

New Year Unicorn Wishing Wand

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to gather the family together to set intentions and share some joy with a creative project. Make all your wishes for the new year come true with this unicorn wishing wand!

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