Color-Changing Lemonade Slushies

Kids and adults alike will be wowed watching this delicious slush turn from blue to pink and purple in an instant. The magical concoction is made with natural blue tea (see Note) and refreshing lemonade for a fun science experient that’s tasty too. Perfect for your child’s birthday party! (Adults may enjoy spiking their drink with a little vodka or gin.)

Unicorn Balloons

Makeover your boring latex balloons with glitter, ribbon, stickers, and paint to create balloons worthy of any unicorn party!

Unicorn Snow Cones

Snow cones are easy to make and customize, so consider including these colorful treats at your next unicorn party. You could even include a make your own station to let your guests create their own colorful concoctions.

No-Sew Unicorn Sleeping Masks

These cute masks are perfect for slumber parties or photo booth props. They can even make a great craft activity to keep guests busy at a gathering.

New Year Unicorn Wishing Wand

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to gather the family together to set intentions and share some joy with a creative project. Make all your wishes for the new year come true with this unicorn wishing wand!

Unicorn Slime

This slime recipe relies on school glue, food coloring, water, and starch studded with glitter and sequins, so not toxic detergents here. The recipe author also includes some free printable cards that make packing up this multi-hued, shimmery slime for friends extra fun.

Easy Unicorn Cupcakes

Turn an easy vanilla cupcake recipe into an impressive mythical creature with just a couple marshmallows, a dash of sprinkles and a perfectly placed candle. Kids will flip for these unicorn treats, and you’ll flip over how easy and quick they are to decorate. A birthday party win for kids and adults alike!

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