Unicorn Cake in a Jar

Layers of colors, sprinkles, frosting, cake – all served up in a jar.

Unicorn Bark Milkshakes

Blend up your favorite milkshake and serve them up in fancy milkshake glasses decorated with frosting, sprinkles, candy, and unicorn bark.

Rainbow smoothies

Scroll down the page to find this recipe under the mermaid toast. 🙂 The brightly colored smoothies are made with all-natural fruit and are a healthy alternative to a lot of the artificial colorings and sugar found in many unicorn recipes.

Unicorn Hamantaschen

Dress up these traditional Jewish cookies with candy melts, sprinkles, cotton candy and marshmallows to make the most magical hamantaschen out there!

Unicorn Frappuccino Cupcakes

Rainbows and sunshine in cupcake form! A take on Starbucks’ unicorn frappuccino, but as a yummy cupcake.

Rainbow Toaster Pastries

Rainbow crust with rainbow sprinkles and filled with your choice of fillings.

Unicorn Sprinkles

What!?!? You can make your own sprinkles? Oh yes, you can. This video will walk you through how to make unicorn sprinkles for your own unicorn treats.

Vegan Unicorn Nice Cream

Unicorn White-Hot Chocolate

This is a fun drink and great to make with kids. The cereal marshmallows and sprinkles add color, it is quick and easy to make and a great conversation starter!

Giant Rainbow Unicorn Donut

A delicious, colorful, giant unicorn donut-shaped cake – make a donut big enough for you and all your friends.

Unicorn Fudge

This bright and colorful white chocolate Unicorn Fudge is guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day.

Unicorn Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate

Follow along as Rachel steps you through creating your own marshmallows from scratch and turning them out in gorgeously cute unicorn shapes and then shows you how to whip up a pink hot white chocolate to go with.

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