Unicorn Cake with Chocolate Pretzel Nest

Celebrate spring (it will be here soon, I promise) by whipping up this unicorn cake, topped with a chocolate pretzel nest that’s overflowing with chocolate eggs.

Unicorn Snow Cones

Snow cones are easy to make and customize, so consider including these colorful treats at your next unicorn party. You could even include a make your own station to let your guests create their own colorful concoctions.

Unicorn Magic Shell

Was there anything as fun as cracking through magic shell on ice cream as a kid? This one makes the experience even more magical with a colorful swirly shell and sprinkles.

White chocolate unicorn bark

You can tailor this edible chocolate gift to anyone’s sweet tooth tastes by playing around with colours, toppings and sweets you know they’ll love.

Vegan Unicorn Hot Chocolate

All natural color powders are mixed with coconut milk and vegan white chocolate to create this amazing treat.

Healthy Unicorn Bark

There’s a trend for unicorn foods to be super sweet and colored with artificial food colorings, but fruits and veggies of all colors are healthy to eat! Whip up this unicorn frozen yogurt bark with berries, yogurt and coconut.

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Unicorn Smoothie

A healthier version of the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino that even matches the mango and raspberry flavors, but with real fruit and protein powder.

Unicorn Dip

Great for cookies or fruit, these colorful dip full of sprinkles is as delicious as it is pretty to look at.

All Natural Unicorn Toast

These savory snacks are made with laughing cow cheese, all natural food colorings, and fruits and veggies that pair well with the cheese.

Rainbow Unicorn Cheesecake Bars

Unicorn cheesecake in bar form! A great choice for a fancy tea party or a unicorn-themed party or any reason at all to eat rainbow-colored food.

Unicorn Challah

This challah is an explosion of pastel colors and sweet flavors. Get crazy with the sprinkles and the fillings and the decorations to unicorn it up as much as you like!

Healthy Unicorn Latte

A homemade version of the healthy unicorn latte, made popular by The End in Brooklyn. This homemade version includes almond milk, dates, ginger, spirulina, ashwagandha, honey, cayenne, and cinnamon. The end result is a blue-green soothing and healthy drink.

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