Unicorn Cream Puffs

Everyone will be SO impressed when you whip up rainbow custard cream filling *and* pastry dough from scratch to make these unicorn cream puffs.

No Bake Unicorn Birthday Cake Cheesecake

This no-bake cheesecake takes things totally over the top by including funfetti cake mix into the cheese filling for an awesome birthday cake flavor.

Chocolate Unicorn Cupcakes

A twist on the classic butterfly cupcake results in a chocolate-y unicorn treat that walks the line between rich and chocolatey

Unicorn Tears Candy Apples

Even unicorns are crying over how delicious these candy apples taste. Covered in white chocolate and then hard candies in a variety of colors they’ll amaze your friends!

Unicorn Bread

For the basics, you only need two ingredients – ice cream and flour. To fancy it up, you’ll want to add some food coloring and maybe some sprinkles and edible glitter.

Unicorn cupcakes

This recipe makes just 6 cupcakes, so it’s great for when you need just a few little treats. The recipe also uses natural ingredients and natural food coloring to achieve the rainbow look!

Vegan, Gluten Free Unicorn Noodles

Presenting: unicorn noodles! These gorgeous colorful noodles need to artificial colors. All you need is noodles, purple cabbage, and lemon juice! It’s like magic, but really: it’s science.

Unicorn Smoothie

A healthy and pretty smoothie that includes berries, bananas, and coconut oil.

Mini Unicorn Macarons

Follow along as Rachel shows you how to create amazing macaron in the shape of little unicorns with rainbow filling

Unicorn Chia Parfait

This parfait makes a colorful, magical dream breakfast. Layers of blue chia pudding alternate with pink soy yogurt colored with beet powder, then it’s decorated with pomegranate jewels and edible flowers.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Can’t get to Creme and Sugar Cafe in Anaheim for some Unicorn Hot Chocolate? Whip up a batch of your own at home with this helpful recipe. Be sure to have plenty of marshmallows, sprinkles, fun straws and other toppings on hand!

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Beetroot Unicorn Latte

Unicorn lattes made with superfoods? So healthy, pretty and fun!

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