Easy Unicorn Cupcakes

Turn an easy vanilla cupcake recipe into an impressive mythical creature with just a couple marshmallows, a dash of sprinkles and a perfectly placed candle. Kids will flip for these unicorn treats, and you’ll flip over how easy and quick they are to decorate. A birthday party win for kids and adults alike!

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Raw Vegan Rainbow Unicorn Cupcakes

Not just vegan, but also raw! These colorful amazing little bundles have the consistency of a coconut macaroon and the frosting is a citus-cashew blend.

Rainbow Unicorn Cupcakes

What’s more adorable than unicorn cupcakes? Slicing into them to discover rainbows!

Unicorn Sushi Donuts

Sushi rice is seasoned and colored with natural ingredients like beet sauerkraut juice, turmeric, and spirulina. Then shaped into vegan, gluten-free donuts.

Color-Changing Lemonade Slushies

Kids and adults alike will be wowed watching this delicious slush turn from blue to pink and purple in an instant. The magical concoction is made with natural blue tea (see Note) and refreshing lemonade for a fun science experient that’s tasty too. Perfect for your child’s birthday party! (Adults may enjoy spiking their drink with a little vodka or gin.)

Rainbow Unicorn Protein Smoothie Bowls

All natural rainbow foods are beneficial – they help stave off hunger pains, help you lose weight, and boost your mood.

Unicorn Poop Meringues

These meringues are not only super colorful, they’re also really easy to make. All you need is egg whites, sugar, and cream of tartar.

Unicorn Onion Rings

This recipe not only shows you how to create a unicornized batter for the rings, but also a unicorn ranch dip for dipping them in!

Unicorn Strawberries

You can use frosting, a cream-cheese based dip, or a coconut-cream based filling for these strawberries. You can also use food coloring or natural colors like turmeric, acai powder, spriulina and blue algae.

Lisa Frank-inspired colorful, rainbow cupcake

Lisa Frank-inspired Unicorn Cupcakes

Why not take all the color, sparkle, and magic of Lisa Frank and wrap it all up in a delicious and colorful unicorn cupcake? Follow along with Brandi Milloy as she walks you through creating these cupcakes from scratch.

Witchy Unicorn Cake

This witchy unicorn cake is just the thing you need for your Halloween party! This orange and black striped cake is stuffed with sprinkles and covered in green icing, then decorated with black, purple, and orange decorations, including a unicorn horn!

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Unicorn Waffles

This video steps you through making rainbow-tastic waffles.

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