Vegan Unicorn Cookies

These unicorn-shaped cookies are the cookies you deserve. They’re sweet, buttery, and so easy to make, even the icing! The fun part is the decoration, which you can turn into a fun group activity — what color will your unicorn be?

White chocolate unicorn bark

You can tailor this edible chocolate gift to anyone’s sweet tooth tastes by playing around with colours, toppings and sweets you know they’ll love.

Unicorn Magic Shell

Was there anything as fun as cracking through magic shell on ice cream as a kid? This one makes the experience even more magical with a colorful swirly shell and sprinkles.

Unicorn pegasus (alicorn) entry to the 3D Block Zoo series. 3D printing pattern.

Unicorn Pegasus 3D Block Zoo

Why not enter fantastical creatures into the 3D Block Zoo? Print up this unicorn pegasus thanks to plans from Pierrimus.

Unicorn Cosmopolitans

This fun drink is made with grape juice and vodka, then garnished with cotton candy and a rainbow candy stick and served up in a glass garnished with edible glitter.

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Unicorn Superfood Smoothie

This unicorn smoothie is a hot mess of magical hues but is all made with healthy natural ingredients and no artificial food dyes. The colors come from camu camu, pitaya, blue algae and lemongrass.

Unicorn Vodkaccino

Why not take an everyday unicorn frappé and turn it into a cocktail with some vodka and raspberry liqueur?

Unicorn Slime

This slime recipe relies on school glue, food coloring, water, and starch studded with glitter and sequins, so not toxic detergents here. The recipe author also includes some free printable cards that make packing up this multi-hued, shimmery slime for friends extra fun.

Unicorn Cookie Cutter

Turn out dozens of unicorn cookies after you 3D print your own unicorn cookie cutter by Knartz.

Unicorn Dip

Great for cookies or fruit, these colorful dip full of sprinkles is as delicious as it is pretty to look at.

Unicorn Smoothie

A healthy and pretty smoothie that includes berries, bananas, and coconut oil.

Unicorn Toast

Cream cheese is colored with all natural ingredients like beet juice, turmeric, chlorophyll, spirulina, blueberry powder, and raspberry powder then artfully spread on toast.

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