Gorgeous unicorn face paint by Olga's Face Body Art

Unicorn Face Paint

We’re loving this roundup of five different creative and amazing ways to do unicorn face paint just in time for Halloween.

Rainbow Sunglasses

All you need is some round sunglasses and some polymer clay to craft up these adorable rainbow sunglasses.

Unicorn Onion Rings

This recipe not only shows you how to create a unicornized batter for the rings, but also a unicorn ranch dip for dipping them in!

Fluffy Unicorn

He’s so fluffy! Print him up with this pattern from Pipe951


Print up your own little unicorn with this fabulous pattern by Wolfshadow.

Unicorn biscuits

Swirly vanilla cookies, edged with sprinkles and stars – these unicorn-inspired biscuits are ideal for kids’ parties or as a fun home baking activity

Unicorn Margarita

This margarita is a magical, color-changing margarita that uses butterfly pea flower petals and blue ice cubs to achieve a stunning effect.

Witchy Unicorn Cake

This witchy unicorn cake is just the thing you need for your Halloween party! This orange and black striped cake is stuffed with sprinkles and covered in green icing, then decorated with black, purple, and orange decorations, including a unicorn horn!

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