Unicorn Spa Jar

Put together a sparkly and colorful gift for your fellow unicorn lovers. Includes recipes for unicorn bath bombs, unicorn foot soak, unicorn sugar scrub and unicorn soap.

Unicorn Cream Puffs

Everyone will be SO impressed when you whip up rainbow custard cream filling *and* pastry dough from scratch to make these unicorn cream puffs.

Lavender Unicorn

This sweet cocktail has a few exotic ingredients that makes it especially magical and delicious. Don’t worry – those special ingredients are easily purchased online.

Unicorn Fudge

This bright and colorful white chocolate Unicorn Fudge is guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day.

Unicorn Hamantaschen

Dress up these traditional Jewish cookies with candy melts, sprinkles, cotton candy and marshmallows to make the most magical hamantaschen out there!

Unicorn Glitter Donuts

The secret to these amazingly sparkly creations is edible glitter – probably the best food thing ever invented!

Unicorn Frappuccino Cupcakes

Rainbows and sunshine in cupcake form! A take on Starbucks’ unicorn frappuccino, but as a yummy cupcake.

Unicorn Sprinkles

What!?!? You can make your own sprinkles? Oh yes, you can. This video will walk you through how to make unicorn sprinkles for your own unicorn treats.

Vegan Unicorn Hot Chocolate

All natural color powders are mixed with coconut milk and vegan white chocolate to create this amazing treat.

Rainbow Unicorn Cupcakes

What’s more adorable than unicorn cupcakes? Slicing into them to discover rainbows!

Low Poly Unicorn

Print your own unicorn figurine with this pattern from Pumpo.

Loco Unicorn Cocktail

An adult version of the Unicorn Frappuccino, this concoction includes coconut rum, coconut water, and some colorful additions.

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