Bitch Please, I’m a Unicorn Smartphone Case

Available for iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and X (including all the S’s and Plus’s) and for Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7, and S8.

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Unicorn Key Chain

This unicorn design of keychain is a limited version. Grab this cute pal for you or your friend.

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Make Your Own Magic Lap Desk

Make your own magic with this lap desk that’s a Books-a-Million exclusive. Keep yourself comfy while holding your laptop or tablet in your lap.

Color Wheel Umbrella

Don’t let a rainy day rain on your parade. Brighten the cloudiest of days with the Color Wheel Umbrella. A rainbow of colors forming a beautiful color wheel can be your shield from the elements. An ample 40 diameter can protect you from the elements and put a smile on your face. Get one for your home, office and car so you ll be ready whenever bad weather strikes

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Watch with Unicorn Dial

Add a quirky unicorn touch to any look with this gorgeous ice-cream-colored unicorn watch.

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Keyboard Skin for Macbook

Dirty MacBook? Keep it clean it with a silicone rubber skin specially designed to fit all sizes of Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops (non-Retina models only). The durable silicone skin fits over the keys of your MacBook, preventing liquid spills, crumbs, hair, and other debris from finding its way between the keys of your device. The keyboard skin matches the keyboard layout of all non-Retina models of MacBook laptops. The skin is easily removable, allowing it to be washed and re-used as many times as you wish. The soft rubber provides a pleasantly soft touch, enhancing the all-around experience of daily laptop use.

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Despicable Me Fluffy The Unicorn Umbrella

Don’t let the rainy weather get you down. Fluffy the Unicorn is here to brighten up your day! This Despicable Me umbrella features one of the movie’s beloved characters and is decorated in hot pink and comes with Fluffy on the handle. Screen art features Fluffy jumping over a rainbow with “I Love Fluffy Unicorns” text. Allover print has Fluffy in various poses.

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Ombre Rainbow Triangle Phone Case

Gradient ombre triangular galore is the trendiest design on the market today, exclusively available for UNIK CASEā„¢. Hard case made from high quality polycarbonate, and rubberized coating for anti-scratching purposes.

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Unicorn Lunch Box Set

Make your lunchtime a little more magical by carrying your food in the Jolly Awesome Tastes Like Magic Lunchbox Set in Pack of 3. These three lunchboxes come in different sizes that fit neatly into one another to save space while they’re not full of tasty treats. They all feature a pretty Unicorn design each with a different message. The large box reads “Tastes Like Magic”, the medium reads “Smells Like Magic” and the small box reads “Contains Sweet Things and Unicorn Dust” for your lunchtime dessert. Whether you’re in school or work you can enjoy eating your lunch with the Jolly Awesome Tastes Like Magic Pack of 3 Lunchbox Set.

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Rainbow Ombre Triangle Hard Case for Macbook

The gradient ombre triangular galore graphic is the trendiest design in the market today, exclusively available with Unik Case!

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Unicorn Earphones

Put a little magic in your ears with these unicorn headphones. Fits any standard headphone jack.

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Misty the Unicorn Humidifier

The ultrasonic cool mist increases moisture in the air for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep. Humidifiers help relieve cough, cold and flu symptoms, nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, and dry skin and hair. Has a 1 gallon tank, no filter required, and whisper quiet operation.

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