Unicorn Love Brush Set

Get swept away in the magical sparkle of the Unicorn Love Brush Set! Made with multi-colored, sparkly glam unicorn love, this set is perfect for creating a flawless face that sparkles as if straight from a fairy tale! Be transported to a magically glam world with this set of sparkles of pink, lilac and gold.
Channel your inner unicorn glam with this perfect travel set!

The Original Unicorn Brushes

10-piece brush set for perfecting your look. Synthetic and fully vegan. Even includes a diamond-shaped bag for storing your brushes.

Microwave heatable unicorn plush

This adorable unicorn is stuffed with quality flax grains and dried French lavender. Simply microwave him for a couple minutes and he’ll emit warmth and a wonderfully relaxing lavender aroma. Ideal for use as a bed warming.

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Unicorn Farts Soy Crackling Wooden Wick Candle

Scented like fruit and vanilla and made with 100% organic Eco Soy, and all-natural wooden Crackle Wick, and fragrance oils. Burns for approximately 20 hours.

Beauty Unicorn Bath Salts

Make your bath as magical as possible with these fruit scented Unicorn bath salts from Blackheart Beauty. Pour the pink salts into a warm bath for a relaxing soak at the end of the day.
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Unicorn Brush Cleaner

Get swept away in the magical sparkle of the Unicorn Brush Cleaner! Made with unicorn love, this brush cleaner is perfect for keeping your fairytale brushes pearly white! Channel your inner unicorn glam!

Made with glittering diamonds that add that touch of sparkle to your beauty routine! We absolutely love this brush cleaner, so we brought it to you! It is also marshmallow yummy scented.

Farsáli Unicorn Essence Antioxidant Serum + Primer

Protect your skin from free radical damage while priming your skin with this magically amazing sparkly pink serum.

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Unicorn Poop Soap

Bring this magical fecal rainbow into your life or the life of someone who loves all things unicorn (it makes the perfect unicorn gift, and people love rubbing poop on themselves… but, like, not in the gross way). Smells exactly how you’d expect glittery unicorn poop to smell: like a joyful burst of rainbow sherbet and sunshine, with a light dusting of unicorn fart (aka glitter)

It’s a high quality handmade soap bar, made with natural ingredients like avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil. One bar of soap, wrapped in eco-friendly, biodegradable, corn-based shrink film, and then wrapped in a lovely reusable pink organza bag, with a delightful and witty Unicorn Poop tag (with that fancy bow, which is all hand-tied by happy people who work for fair wages in the USA)

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Unicorn Farts Shea & Aloe Body Lotion

Shea butter is blended with fragrance oils to create a rich and luxurious hand and body lotion. Just a pea size is enough for your hands. Scented with fruit and vanilla.

Unicorn Bath Bomb

For a magical bath experience add this unicorn bath bomb! It’s shaped like a unicorn and covered in glitter with a clean, fresh scent.

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Unicorn Heart Highlighter

It is the highlighter you have all been waiting for – get the magical Unicorn glow with this rainbow highlighter that blends perfectly and is as buildable as you want it to be. Get the perfect colorful iridescent rainbow glow. Made by real unicorns.

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Eye Believe in Unicorn Trio

Set of three lovely triple stacked faux mink lashes.

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