Bag of Unicorn Farts

We don’t really want to know how these folks go about capturing and bagging unicorn farts. All we know is that they’re delicious and we want to eat more.

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Unicorn Sharts

The premier and original 2015 hunt. Aged to create the best glow, scent, and good fortune. Includes a certificate of authenticity.

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Unicorn Wine Holder

Maybe you can trust this unicorn to hold a bottle of wine for you…and maybe you can’t. Either way, you’ll add some magic to your kitchen and maybe infuse your wine with rainbow and sparkles.

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I’m a Fucking Unicorn Pillow Cover

Made from high quality cotton linen, this pillow cover will cover 18″ square pillows and closes with an invisible zipper.

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Crying Unicorn Candle

Just light the tip of its spiralled horn and the Crying Unicorn Candle bursts into tears, weeping a waxy rainbow of colours.

Made from the purest white ceramic, this knowingly kitsch ornament comes with an extra horn so you can make it cry again and again.

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