Icon Mug

Enjoy a frothy coffee or a rich hot chocolate in this whimsically sweet mug featuring a unicorn. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Majestic AF Adult Wine Tumblers

Listen – sometimes you drink too much wine and discover that wine glasses tip over really easy. Like, really, really easy. So safe yourself the embarrassment and use a wine tumbler instead. Handmade to order and personalized with your name so you won’t get your wine confused with anyone else’s.

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Prism Tumblers

Set of two acrylic tumblers with a rainbow prism embedded in the base.

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The Unicorn Cookbook

Add a pinch of sparkle and decorate with an abundance of glitter to create your ultimate unicorn foodie experience.

The magical realm of the mighty unicorn comes to life in this dazzling cookery book brimming with sparkles and rainbows. From the magical explosion cake to happiness pancakes, The Unicorn Cookbookis packed with recipes perfect for parties and times when all you want to do is spread some joy and release your inner unicorn.

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Unicorn Cookie Cutter

Celebrate year-round with fresh-baked unicorn treats. 3″ cutter makes the perfect size unicorn cookies and sandwiches.

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Silicone Spatula Set

Do you like to have FUN while you’re cooking? Then our spatulas are perfect for you. Our HIGH QUALITY, HEAT RESISTANT, ERGONOMIC SPATULAS will bring a smile to your face every time you use them. This beautiful set includes SIX SPATULAS packaged in a gift box. With this set you’ll be able to stir, mix, and flip all your food to perfection. The large blue and red spatulas are great for folding doughs, stirring batters, and mixing tasty treats. The large orange spatula is perfect for turning pancakes or flipping burgers on the grill! The large yellow spoon style spatula will scrape batter from a bowl or large jar. The mini green spatula and mini purple spatulas are just the right size to get mayonnaise or jelly out of jar. Made from BPA Free & FDA approved food grade silicone that’s dishwasher safe.

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Unicorn Cupcake Kit

Turn out unicorn magic from your very own kitchen with this unicorn cupcake kit. Includes enough gold foil cupcake papers and toppers for 24 cupcakes

Unicorn Skater Mug

Microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. We carved all the way through the bright, shiny glaze of this extra large UNICORN SKATER mug so that the bold natural stoneware ceramic can be seen. Engraving will never wear or stain. Available in black, yellow gold, sky blue, orange, green, and navy blue.

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Rainbow Measure Cup and Spoon Set

The Joseph Nest Measure set combines measuring cups with measuring spoons in one innovative, space-saving design. The set echoes the look and feel of traditional measuring cups–but picks up where most measuring cups leave off. The set includes 1-cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup measuring cups and continues down into spoon sizes with a 1 tablespoon, a 1 teaspoon, a 1/2 teaspoon and a 1/4 teaspoon cups. The eight cups feature snap-together handles for convenient and tidy storage. They snap apart just as easily, so that you don’t have to grapple with the entire set to measure individual ingredients. For easy care the Nest Measure set is dishwasher safe. Please do not microwave.

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Cast a Spell Unicorn Creamer

Playful yet functional, add some cream to your coffee or tea through a unicorn horn – infusing it with magic! Well, kind of. You know.

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Baby Unicorn Mug

A little fluffy baby unicorn on a mug.

Cast a Spell Unicorn Sugar Bowl

Infuse your sugar with magical unicorn properties when you serve it from this magical unicorn sugar bowl.

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