Buttercup Mini Tsum Tsum Plush

Your collection will get even more adorable with this mini tsum tsum plush featuring Buttercup, the unicorn from Bonnie’s room in Toy Story 3.

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Fancy Pals Bright Purple Unicorn Plush

Super cute, soft, and bright purple! Has a shiny purple horn and hooves with a furry tail and mane. Includes a secret code to get 2 free months of ToonGoggles.

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Minnie Mouse Mini Tsum Tsum Plush

This adorable tsum tsum mini plush features Minnie Mouse dressed as a unicorn.

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Unicorn Soft Toy

Medium sized plush unicorn will be your new favorite toy! Her name is Ariella and she is dazzling.

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Fantasy Unicorn Giddy-Up Stick Pony

Measures 37″ and makes gallop and magical sounds when its ears are pressed. It has a shimmer fabric bridal with Velcro safety release and a shimmer fabric horn. Top quality materials are used to ensure durability and the wooden stick has a cap on the end for safety.

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Petals Unicorn Plush

This adorable little unicorn may appear to be made of yarn but don’t be fooled. It’s made of an ultra-soft pulled fleece fabric that begs to be held and is impossible to put down.

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LilyRose Unicorn

LilyRose will fill any room with magic! Featured gold-trimmed accents and horn as well as an adorable flower accent. 13″ tall.

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Purple Unicorn Squishmallow Plush

Ready, Set… Squish! These collectible characters are as cuddly as they are cute. Not only will Squishmallows be on everyone’s ‘squishlist,’ but they will make great gifts any time of year…..squishy and comforting, Squishmallows make great couch pals, pillows, bedtime buddies and travel companions—take them anywhere on the go.

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Fancy Pals Plush Unicorn Pet Carrier Purse

This carrier has a silver body with sequins and a purple butterfly and purple straps with a white unicorn. Carry your unicorn friend in a fancy matching purse.

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Fluffy the Unicorn plush

An adorbs, tiny plush unicorn with huge eyes. This tiny beanie is small enough to slip into your pocket for on-the-go cuddling sessions.

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Pusheenicorn Stuffed Pusheen Plush Unicorn

As a popular web comic, Pusheen brings brightness and chuckles to millions of followers in her rapidly growing online fan base. This 13″ plush brings the bright and beautiful Pusheenicorn to life! Features a colorful rainbow mane and tail as well as a sparkly unicorn horn

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Stuffed Unicorn Plush

It’s hard to imagine a more enchanting playmate than this medium-sized plush unicorn stuffed animal. It’s so soft and furry, kids will magically want to cuddle with it whenever it appears.

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