Mythical Edition Plush Unicorns

It used to be that if you wanted your own unicorn, you had to ask your fairy godmother for one. But thanks to artist Sabina Gibson, you can just order one. Your fairy godmother could use a break, too.

Unicorn Riding Horse

PonyCycle is the world’s first simulated walking animal. The toy is comfortable to ride, soft to touch, and handy to maneuver. Just push your feet up and down on the pedals, and the unicorn moves forward. Great for play indoors and out.

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Dreamy Eyes Heavenly White Unicorn

10″ long with an endearing face with big, sleepy eyes. Made with soft shaggy plush and lock washer eyes for safety, Dreamy Eyes characters are perfect for cuddling.

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Pop Fix Unicorn Pool Float

Make your poolside style a bit magical with this bright blue unicorn pool float. Includes a re-usable storage bag.

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Color Changing LED Unicorn Plush

This unicorn plush will light up the heart of any unicorn lovers. The chubby, overstuffed little guy has 6 embedded LED lights that cycle through the colors of the rainbow.

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Rainbow Wood Block Stacking Game

Hours of fun: the whole family can play it together, suitable for 2 or more players. Players will take turns to rollĀ the dice, then carefully removeĀ one block of that color and re-positioning it on the top of the tower. The blocks have a smooth surface making it easy to remove. The player who knocks down the tower is the loser.

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Plush Rainbow Unicorn

Extremely soft and great for hugging, this unicorn has a swirly textured white body with rainbow mane and tail, sparkly horn, and sparkly hooves.

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Rainbow Unicorn Mini Tsum Tsum Plush

You’ll rule dreamland with this adorable mini Tsum Tsum plush featuring Rainbow the Unicorn from Inside Out.

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Precious Moments Sparkle Unicorn Gift Set

Includes a Sparkle Unicorn plush and a Sparkle Unicorn Luvster Blankie. Makes a great gift for a baby shower, baby gift, or newborn gift.

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Uni the Unicorn Doll

Uni the Unicorn from MerryMakers is a perfect combination of fun and fantasy! With golden hooves, a rainbow colored mane and tail, and a baby blue horn, Uni sets the imagination loose. The soft, huggable body adds an endearing sweetness to this unicorn, making it impossible to resist! Measures 12.5 inches tall. Surface wash only. Safe for all ages.

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Celestial Unicorn

Perfect for your little dreamer. Soft and cuddly. Comes with a pink rose ribbon and a signature gold horn.

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Marie Mini Tsum Tsum Plush

This adorable tsum tsum mini plush features Marie dressed as a unicorn.

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