Blueberry Ripple Unicorn

7″ long blue unicorn with confetti spots. Flopsie-style plush filled with beans. For ages 3 and up.

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Unicorn Hottie

Keep warm and snuggly with this adorable little unicorn with a pink horn and hooves.

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Venus Unicorn

Features realistic styling and a fine plush fabric, Venus is soft and cuddly. 12″ long.

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Large Furry Unicorn Plush

From its horn to its hooves, this large plush unicorn stuffed animal is soft to the touch. Legend has it that little ones will want to hug and cuddle it day after day.

Unicorn Waterfall Sunset Puzzle

This 100-piece Unicorn Waterfall Sunset, Ceaco jigsaw puzzle is so beautiful! It is a perfect puzzle for a little one who loves Unicorns. It features A Unicorn and her baby dancing in water with a waterfall and castle in the background.
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Dreamy Eyes Heavenly Pink Unicorn

10″ long with an endearing face with big, sleepy eyes. Made with soft shaggy plush and lock washer eyes for safety, Dreamy Eyes characters are perfect for cuddling.

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Large Unicorn Soft Toy

Massive pink unicorn alert! This unicorn is over 3 feet long and will be a dream come true for a unicorn believer. Ages 2 and up only.

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Snagglebaggle Ursula Unicorn

Here to make wishes come true, it’s Snagglebaggle Ursula Unicorn! This gorgeous galloper loves to play, charging in with her soft, suedey horn. Her sugar candy mane and plumey tail go flying out behind her when she runs. Cuddle up close to her cream cordy fur for magical unicorn dreams.

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Mythical Edition Plush Unicorns

It used to be that if you wanted your own unicorn, you had to ask your fairy godmother for one. But thanks to artist Sabina Gibson, you can just order one. Your fairy godmother could use a break, too.

Unicorn Riding Horse

PonyCycle is the world’s first simulated walking animal. The toy is comfortable to ride, soft to touch, and handy to maneuver. Just push your feet up and down on the pedals, and the unicorn moves forward. Great for play indoors and out.

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