Unicorn Ballpoint Pen

Make your memos more mystical with this magical unicorn pen. The white unicorn has a multicolored tail and mane and will stand proudly on your desk. It has a golden horn and writes in black ballpoint ink.

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Rainbow unicorn tape dispenser with rainbow tape

Unicorn Tape Dispenser

This adorable tape dispenser will bring a little magic to your desktop. Includes two rolls of rainbow tape, because you don’t expect a unicorn to dispense plain old transparent tape, right?

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Unicorn Bandages

Cover up scrapes and scratches with magical cuteness. Pack of 24.

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Pop Fix Unicorn Pool Float

Make your poolside style a bit magical with this bright blue unicorn pool float. Includes a re-usable storage bag.

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Unicorn Nail Stickers

Add a magical touch to your nails with these Unicorn Nail Stickers. They feature hearts, flowers, stars, clouds and (surprise, surprise) tons of unicorns.

Unicorn Color Pencil Set

Keep your desk tidy with a dash of magic – this charming pencil holder neatly holds a rainbow of colors. Store 10 colored pencils inside the friendly white unicorn who stands up proudly on your desk with a rainbow colored mane and golden horn.

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Unicorn Lip Balm

And you thought unicorns couldn’t be any more magical. This handsome beast with magical golden horn and rainbow mane is full of nourishing lip balm in a delicious cotton candy flavor. The perfect treat, gift or stocking filler for any lip balm devotee.

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