Unicorn Farts Soap

Handmade soap in rainbow colors that’s scented like fruit and vanilla with just a bit of glitter.

Unicorn Farts Bubble Bomb

This color exploding bubble bomb leaves a rainbow in your bath. Just toss it in the tub and let the magic begin. Filled with skin-loving butters.

Unicorn Farts Bubble Bar

A bubble bar is solid bubble bath. This one is scented like fruit and vanilla and filled with skin-loving ingredients like colloidal oat powder and shea butter.

Unicorn Farts Bubblecake

What’s a bubble cake? It’s part bath bomb, part bubble bar (solid bubble bath) — and totally amazing! Crumble the ‘frosting’ under the running water in your tub to make loads of frothy, creamy bubbles and drop the ‘cake’ into your bath water for magical fizz.

Unicorn Farts Soy Crackling Wooden Wick Candle

Scented like fruit and vanilla and made with 100% organic Eco Soy, and all-natural wooden Crackle Wick, and fragrance oils. Burns for approximately 20 hours.

Unicorn Farts Shea & Aloe Body Lotion

Shea butter is blended with fragrance oils to create a rich and luxurious hand and body lotion. Just a pea size is enough for your hands. Scented with fruit and vanilla.

Unicorn Farts Holographic Glitter Scented Nail Polish

Not only is this nail polish packed full with an entire rainbow’s worth of holographic glitter, it’s also scented like Unicorn Farts (fruit and vanilla).

Unicorn Farts Disaster Relief Box

100% of proceeds from this limited time gift box go to Hurricane Harvey & Hurricane Irma relief. Includes Unicorn Farts soap, Unicorn Farts lotion, Unicorn Farts sugar scrub, a Unicorn Farts bath bomb, a rainbow washcloth, a Unicorn Farts candle, Unicorn Farts room spray, and a rainbow nail polish set.

Unicorn Farts Sea Salt & Sugar Body Scrub

This sea salt and sugar scrub exfoliates and moisturizes dry/rough skin, making you silky soft and smooth. 10 ounce jar includes a bamboo spoon.

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