Silicone Spatula Set

Do you like to have FUN while you’re cooking? Then our spatulas are perfect for you. Our HIGH QUALITY, HEAT RESISTANT, ERGONOMIC SPATULAS will bring a smile to your face every time you use them. This beautiful set includes SIX SPATULAS packaged in a gift box. With this set you’ll be able to stir, mix, and flip all your food to perfection. The large blue and red spatulas are great for folding doughs, stirring batters, and mixing tasty treats. The large orange spatula is perfect for turning pancakes or flipping burgers on the grill! The large yellow spoon style spatula will scrape batter from a bowl or large jar. The mini green spatula and mini purple spatulas are just the right size to get mayonnaise or jelly out of jar. Made from BPA Free & FDA approved food grade silicone that’s dishwasher safe.

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