This Week on Etsy: Kitchen Edition

We’re all for supporting independent artisans, so we highlight a few awesome unicorn products up for sale on Etsy each week. This week – the Kitchen Edition – unicorn stuff you’ll use in the kitchen!

Unicorn Sprinkle Mixes from Neon Yolk

Add magic to everything you bake and eat with these delightful and amazing high-quality sprinkle mixes from Neon Yolk, based in Austin, Texas. Featured above, clockwise from left: Unicorn Chow Sprinkles, Unicorn Twinkle Sprinkles, Lisa Frank-icorn Sprinkles, and Unicorn Dream Sprinkles.

Unicorn Squad Drink Coozy by PrettyPennyandCo

Black decorated with hologram glitter, declare your spot in the unicorn squad with this drink coozy by PrettyPennyandCo. Optional monogram for the backside so you can keep track of your drink when you’re with your squad.

Magic Unicorn Salt by BrinySeaDryGoods

Unicorn magic isn’t just for desserts! Add a little unicorn magic to your savory dishes too with this Magic Unicorn salt from BrinySeaDryGoods. It’s a blend of pure ocean salt, smoked paprika, rosemary, and garlic.

Sparkle Unicorn Wine Glass by ThePinkPolkaDotCC

Your choice of a stemless or stemmed wine glass decorated with a rainbow glittery unicorn on the front and #unicornlife on the back. Made by ThePinkPolkaDotCC.

I was born to be a unicorn mug by Therhubarbtree

Express who you really are with this earthenware ceramic mug that declares “I was born to be a unicorn” from Therhubarbtree.

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